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Find Christmas party supplies to celebrate the season: Christmas party decorations, indoor and outdoor decorations, Santa costumes and hats, and other holiday supplies.


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All our products are made in Greece , we ship worldwide Celebrate the season with Christmas party supplies! Satisfy your holiday passion with traditional Christmas decorations, arts and crafts for the kids, classic Santa suits, or off-the-wall reindeer headbands. 'Tis first and foremost the season for Christmas decor, and to that end, we're here to help you complete your holiday mission. We don't offer every possible thing in the catalogue – for instance, you won't find Christmas ornaments for the tree or nativity scenes for the yard – but the decorations we do sell are designed to enliven a party space with holiday spirit in no time at all.

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Welcome to the Christmas world! Handmade Christmas costumes in affordable prices for any occasion. All our costumes are produced in Greece and shipped worldwide. Whether you are looking for the Santa or Miss Santa we have it all!

Spread some Christmas cheer as the Jolly Old St. Nick in the Majestic Santa Suit. Whether you want to deliver presents and eat cookies on Christmas morning or hand out naughty and nice verdicts at your next costume party, this outfit is just what you need.Get into the holiday spirit with the Mrs. Claus Dress Adult Costume. As Santa’s right-hand woman, Mrs. Claus keeps the North Pole in order with her holiday cheer and endless supply of fresh-baked cookies. The costume’s velvet dress with white faux fur will have you looking the part in no time. .

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